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Advanced Security & Fire Overview

asf-logoAdvanced Security & Fire is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. The company focuses on the advanced technology that is new to the market. They specialize in areas of security like touchscreen applications and in wall IPod docs which have transformed home automation systems. The company services the Alabama markets and they provide a lifetime warranty on installed equipment.

The company motto is providing products and technology that add value to your greatest investment. By not installing standard equipment, the company can focus on equipment that is top of the line, easy to use and interactive with the homeowner. Systems include interactive voice commands and user friendly icons that are easy to understand and operate. The designs are sleek and modern and fit in with existing home décor.

Advanced Security & Fire services both residential and business customers. They are dedicated to providing exceptional service to each and every customer. Support is available 24 hours a day. There are live operators that can answer questions and set appointment for technicians. The company also offers 24 hour central monitoring which responds in the event an alarm is triggered.

Advanced Security & Fire Reviews

Customers like that the company provides the latest technology. The touchscreen LCD screens are easy to understand and easy to operate. This reduces the number of false alarms and ensures that customers use the system as intended. Often when systems are complicated or false alarms are an issue, customers will disable the system and not receive the level of security they are looking for.

Advances in technology have created more user friendly products that customers can understand and operate. This increases customer satisfaction. Customers also like that the technicians know the products and services that are being presented and are able to train and educate customers. The other area that gets high reviews is in the lifetime warranty. This includes both parts and labor. When the system has an issue customers do not need to worry about being charged added service fees.

Advanced Security & Fire Equipment

Advanced Security & Fire offers traditional fire and home security equipment that will protect against intrusion and fire emergencies. They also offer CCTV and video surveillance. Video has become a popular choice among consumers in both residential and business settings. Consumers like the ability to access live or recorded feeds via their smartphones or laptops. This enables customers to monitor their property from anywhere in the world.

Total Connect is the latest in home automation. This feature allows clients to access information about their home with the touch of the screen. They can regulate the homes temperature, locks, appliances, and other features. If the property is equipped with video they may receive video clips and pictures based on the customer preferences.

If an alarm is triggered a text or email can be sent to notify the owner of the event. These features provides better coverage and access to the home. Parents can monitor children as they arrive home from school and even let guests in remotely.

Advanced Security & Fire Packages

asfAdvanced Security & Fire offers two main packages. Additions can be made to the offered packages for additional monthly fees.

The first package includes 1 touchscreen panel with an integrated siren. 3 door and window transmitters which provide sensors for the entry points. A motion detector that is pet friendly and will not be triggered by a pet’s movement around the home. 1 battery backup and 1 remote control. The keyfob remote control allows customers to able or disable the system from the keychain. This system comes at no cost to the customer with only a $99 installation charge. The basic package is operated with the use of a landline phone. For an additional $10 a month the system can be set up wirelessly to operate with cellular communication. The system requires a contract that will cover the monthly monitoring costs as well as the cost of the equipment.

The second package upgrades to the Honeywell IP Pan Tilt Camera. The cellular communication is included in this package and does not require a phone line for installation and operation. The wireless system is easy to install and maintain. Also included is the touchscreen panel, integrated siren, 3 door or window sensors, motion detector, battery backup and remote control keyfob.

This system costs $299 with a $99 installation fee. The monthly monitoring is $41.99 per month. Customers enjoy the use of Honeywell’s total connect features which gives property owners greater access.

Customers can also convert existing systems to the Advanced Security & Fire central monitoring system with no transfer fee. This reduces the monitoring costs because the equipment is already owned.

How to Contact Advanced Security & Fire


Phone: 888-285-3641

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