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Active Alarm Company Overview

aac-logoActive Alarm Company is located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and for decades now has provided comprehensive and customized security systems for residential and commercial customers in the Chicago area. They do not provide the standard security packages that you’ve come to expect from other companies, but pride themselves on 100% suiting each package to the specific needs of the customer. Almost all of their packages go beyond the basics of home security and provide access to your system when away from home, control of lights, and the ability to monitor temperature, carbon monoxide and water levels. They also provide video surveillance and business security. They not only design and install all systems, they also provide full service, monitoring, and maintenance. Everything is done in-house, and they use their own staff of experienced technicians to get the job done. They are known for conducting daily system health and connectivity tests on all equipment. The Active Alarm control center is UL-approved, and stationed in Elk Grove Village. The 24 hour monitoring station prides itself on rapid response, and the staff is fully trained and certified.

Active Alarm Company Reviews

Active Alarm seems to be a highly trusted business in the Chicago area. They’ve been providing security services for decades, and have a number of certifications that make them stand out from the rest as a quality business. Customers note that the employees at Active Alarm are incredibly kind and helpful over the phone, and the technicians are knowledgeable and experienced during the installation process. Customers also appreciate that the business is all done in-house, with absolutely no outsourcing. This gives customers peace of mind to know that whether they’re dealing with a maintenance issue, alarm problem, or general installation question, they’re dealing with employees who all work for the same company. This being said, some new customers do take issue with the price of the customizable packages that Active Alarm provides. Because you need to purchase the equipment upfront, it makes it much more expensive to get a new system up and running. Many customers would much prefer to be leasing the equipment so they don’t have to make that large first payment, as well as paying for the contract and monitoring fees at the same time. There’s a lot of missing information on the website in regards to warranty on the equipment, as well as any fee for installation or consultation. One of the biggest traps that security companies get people into is having them purchase their equipment upfront, and then providing only a measly warranty to cover that equipment. Do make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Active Alarm Company Equipment

Even though there is no mention of brand names on the Active Alarm website, it does seem as though they have a comprehensive array of equipment to suit most security needs. They provide CCTV equipment to monitor both property and personnel. They carry highly visible cameras, as well as more discreet cameras that cannot be detected by the eye. Active Alarm also provides access control systems that are very common in today’s modern workplace. This is a great way to monitor employees and visitors who are entering restricted areas. They carry card access systems, and all the equipment is owned and installed by Active Alarm. Aside from these special systems, Active Alarm carries all the necessary equipment for a standard home security system, including burglar alarm, keypads, sirens, motion detectors, key fobs, panic buttons, cellular radio backups, and multi-functional control panels.

Active Alarm Company Home Security Packages

aacIt’s difficult to get a sense of the standard home security package price on Active Alarm’s site, because it doesn’t really exist. All packages are customized, so aside from your basic keypad and control panel, an Active Alarm specialist will be able to tell you what other components you need to maximize your home security. Once the system is installed, you own it fully, and Active Alarm provides all the monitoring services. As mentioned above, your home security package most likely will come with keypads, control panels, sirens, motion and glass break detectors, key fobs, panic buttons, cellular radio backups, and whatever else you want to enhance this basic list. However, in most cases this basic list is really enough to get the job done.

Active Alarm Company Details

  • * In business since 1964
  • * Serves the Chicago area
  • * All services are in-house
  • * Fully customizable packages
  • * Commercial and residential security systems
  • * UL-listed 24 hour monitoring center
  • * Rapid response times

How to Contact Active Alarm Company


Phone: 847-438-2600

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