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Acme Valley Security Services Overview

acmev-logoAcme Valley Security began in 1920 when Oscar Guzzi, founder of Major Safe Company, designed and produced the very first large floor safe. They expanded the business from there to also provide full floor safe installation and services. The son of the founder continued to build on this success with lock, safe, and security installations. Today, Acme Valley Security is still building on this success in the Los Angeles area. Their comprehensive list of equipment includes wireless cameras, alarms, access control, key controlled hardware, door hardware, and highly trusted brand names such as Medico, Honeywell, and Kantech. Aside from all this, they can also provide safes, door closers, building automation systems, panic hardware, and fire life safety systems. The business is fully family owned and operated for over 80 years now. They design and manufacture their own safes and security solutions for residential and commercial customers. They also provide fire alarms and full video surveillance services. The company’s headquarters are in Van Nuys, and they concentrate their efforts on San Fernando communities like Reseda, Encino, Northridge, and Sherman Oaks. They also have a number of satisfied customers in Glendale, Pasadena, Simi Valley, and Ventura.

Acme Valley Security Services Reviews

Acme Valley Security Services has a tremendous reputation in Los Angeles as being one of the leading providers of security equipment and services. Because they’ve been in business for so long, they truly do have the skill and experience to meet their customers needs, and they continue to grow their business every year. Customer reviews for Acme are very favorable, and there’s a lot of talk about how the equipment they use is state of the art, and how installation and technical support are prompt, efficient, and pleasant. The Honeywell wireless security systems they install are very well reviewed by customers, and this system is easy to use and maintain. It should be noted that Acme is not the cheapest security company that you’re going to find in the Los Angeles area. Unfortunately, there’s very little information online about what Acme charges for their services, but there have been a couple of reviews that note that it isn’t cheap. Also, there’s sadly missing from the Acme website whether or not they perform their own monitoring. Because it isn’t mentioned, it may be assumed that they outsource this task to another security company in the area. If this is the case, then it can be a little inconvenient for customers to have to deal with multiple companies for their security needs. That being said, Acme has a strong reputation and is a company that can certainly be trusted when you’re looking for security equipment and services in the Los Angeles area.

Acme Valley Security Services Equipment

Acme Valley has a mind boggling selection of equipment to choose from, including wireless cameras, alarm systems, access systems, door hardware, and so much more. The brands they use include highly trusted names such as Medico, Honeywell, and Kantech. For emergency response and panic alarms they install the CareGuard control panel, which is a fantastic solution for personal emergency protection, as well as smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection. What most likely is installed in your home when you get a basic security system is a motion sensor, control pad, key fob, window and door contacts, siren, and a few other features that can be added to the basic package. All in all, the equipment that Acme supplies is incredibly sound and trusted in the industry. They take care of all the installation of these products, and even maintenance services down the line.

Acme Valley Security Services Packages

acmevAcme installs wireless home security systems into their customers homes, manufactured by brand names that are the most trusted in the industry. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of price when it comes to purchasing one of these systems, and whether or not Acme does the monitoring themselves or outsources the task to another security company in the Los Angeles area. It seems as though their wireless security packages can be customized, and extra features can be added such as security lights, driveway alarms, glass break detectors, access controls, and fire alarm panels.

Acme Valley Security Services Details

  • * Over 80 years of experience
  • * Serves the Los Angeles area
  • * Wireless home security systems
  • * Residential and commercial customers
  • * Free home evaluation
  • * Family owned and operated
  • * Based in Van Nuys, and serves the majority of the San Fernando Valley
  • * Founded by Oscar Guzzi who designed the first large floor safe

How to Contact Acme Valley Security Services


Phone: (877) 266-6411

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