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Acme Security Overview

acme-logoEstablished in 1928, Acme Security was founded by the Lee family under the original name of Acme Lock & Key. it was a locksmith and safe company, but during its 75 years of experience it transitioned into one of the leading providers of security equipment and services in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Their highly trained personnel is adept at performing a number of different tasks, such as custom design of security solutions for institutional fields, banking, commercial, industrial, medical and residential sectors. They maintain long term relationships with their customers, and aim to fulfill all their sophisticated and discreet security needs. Some areas of expertise for Acme Security include access control, high security locks, CCTV, door hardware, locksmith services, safe and vaults, key control systems, and biometrics security technology. The company maintains a fleet of service vehicles in the Atlanta area, which are capable of doing work throughout the Southeastern United States. They boast of having some of the most skilled and trustworthy technicians in the industry.

Acme Security Reviews

Acme Security really seems like quite a solid company. Their immense wealth of experience really adds to their credibility, and they provide a whole host of products and services to suit their customers needs. It is noted that the equipment that they provide and install is top of the line, and customers note that the staff is incredibly skilled and friendly. That being said, there’s a question about whether or not Acme might be more of a commercial specialist than residential. It would be nice if they had a bit more information on their website about their residential security services, whether or not they do their own monitoring, and what the price might be. All this information would be incredibly helpful to customers so they could get a quick sense about whether or not Acme is right for them, before having to go through a lengthy consultation. However, there are a number of reviews that back up how reputable a company this is, whether for locksmith services or for security purposes. There are a number of businesses in the Atlanta area that rely on Acme for their security needs. Note that Acme isn’t the cheapest security company that you’re going to find in Georgia. With the quality they provide there does come a price, and this doesn’t always make sense for customers who are seeking an economical solution for their home security needs. But, if you have money to spend and you want the highest quality around, then Acme Security can be a good choice for those who live in Atlanta.

Acme Security Equipment

The security systems that Acme provides are leading-edge and modern. They also have some of the best locksmith equipment in the industry; probably because it’s where their business first prospered. They have the innovative Mul-T-Lock hardware that is considered to be some of the best you can find. Their Continental security systems are used all over the world, including large governmental facilities and private businesses. Also, their access control hardware comes in many different size controllers, including Microterm, Miniterm, Smarterm, and Superterm. Their safes and vaults are provided by Federal Safe & Vault Co., one of the most trusted manufacturers in safe related products. For the most part, you really get the impression that when it comes to equipment, Acme is incredibly focused on quality and performance. They make sure to get their products from only the best suppliers with the most proven track records.

Acme Security Packages

acmeThere is no standard home security package that Acme provides, and learning the specifics about what they install in their customers homes can only been done during an evaluation by an Acme technician. Acme chooses to customize all their home security systems, and that means that the technician will evaluate your home and let you know what kind of system will best suit your needs. It is good that Acme chooses to customize their packages, but it is inconvenient for their customers to have to go through a whole evaluation before they know how much their security system is going to cost. It’s not stated on their website, but it seems as though Acme does all the monitoring for the security systems that they install.

Acme Security Details

  • * Serves the Atlanta, Georgia area
  • * Provides all security and locksmith services
  • * Over 75 years of experience
  • * Highly skilled and trained staff
  • * Commercial, residential, industrial, and government services
  • * Customizable home security
  • * High quality safes and vaults

How to Contact Acme Security


Phone: (404) 755-5726

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