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Accucom Integrations Group Overview

aig-logoAccucom Security is located in Charleston South Carolina and serves the low country of South Carolina. The company offers low monitoring rates with the best service in the area. They work with both residential properties and businesses and specialize in securing vacation rentals, which have extended periods with no activity and other periods with heavy activity.

They work with both new construction and retrofitting existing buildings. Charleston is a very historic town and finding ways to secure a property while still maintaining the old world feel is something Accucom does best. They provide all of the latest technology when it comes to securing your property. This includes remote access to the security feeds, texts or email notification when activity occurs, and energy management which will control lights, thermostats and other appliances within the property to ensure efficient operations.

The professional installation team is accustomed to hiding wires and keeping the historic feel of both homes and businesses in the area. Understanding when to go wireless and when to use traditional wires and how to install them so they will operate efficiently but still maintain the esthetic nature of the community. These are important considerations that owners in a historic town want experienced technicians to know how to accomplish.

Accucom services Hilton Head, Kiawah, Charleston to Summerville, and Mt. Pleasant to Pawleys Island, all in the low country of South Carolina.

Accucom Integrations Group Reviews

Accucom has great customer reviews and are known for the expertise and high level of customer service. The small company ensures that every customer feels special and takes the job as security expert very seriously. Though it is a small company they offer the latest technology and a reliable central monitoring service that customers have access to for a low monthly fee. The costs of installation and equipment is spread out over the period of a contract which enables customers on a budget to gain the security services they need.

Accucom Integrations Group Equipment

Accucom specializes in state of the art equipment. Their systems can provide energy management and control lights and appliances. The system can also be programmed to start your favorite song when the alarm is disarmed. Control panels and wall mounts are provided with the purchase of a system as well as the ability to control the system remotely.

In addition to security they utilize Sonos wireless sound systems and can upgrade home theatre sound systems with the latest technology. The company seeks to utilize the newest technology with the historic needs of Charleston and the low country of South Carolina. This might include a TV that appears to be a historic mirror over the fireplace. By carrying products that maintain the aesthetics and historic feel of the area customers gain the best of both worlds.

For commercial customers the company offers intrusion and fire protection in addition to security cameras and monitoring services. This can provide insurance discounts due to the high grade security Accucom offers.

Upgrading Audio and Video equipment for businesses is also available. This may mean moving to wireless technology or ensuring the professional installation eliminates the unsightly wires that generally come with electronic equipment.

Accucom Integrations Group Packages

aigAccucom offers both equipment and monitoring services. Packages and rates customers pay on a monthly basis are dependent on several factors. Monthly rates will vary depending on the services the customer selects. Basic packages include intrusion and fire monitoring. Many customers choose to add additional security features that are provided with video monitoring. This impacts the monthly costs.

The other factor in the package costs is the number of sensors and equipment that is needed. Sensors should be considered for all first floor entry points. This will include both doors and windows. The additional sensors might also include motion detectors, fire and smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, medical alerts and so forth.

The other popular sensors available include energy management. This allows customers to access their systems remotely and enables customers to control lights, thermostats, locks and other home features from an internet connection. Adding these features will impact the monthly fee and the length of contract required by Accucom.

The process begins with a free professional analysis of the home or business. The technician will discuss the needs of the property owners and make recommendations on the appropriate products that will solve the concerns addressed. Then a custom installation will activate the system that is chosen by the owner.

Accucom carries the newest technology available and provides both installation and servicing of the products they install.

How to Contact Accucom Integrations Group


Phone: 843-769-4822

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