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Access Professional Systems Overview

aps-logoAccess Professional Systems (APS) was established in 1977 and is headquartered in San Diego CA. The company offers business services which include gate automation, access control, video surveillance, and parking control systems. They have a keen attention to detail established with highly trained technicians and experienced project managers who ensure quality control. This formula has produced high levels of customer satisfaction along with innovative products and services customers have come to count on.

With over 35 years of industry experience they work closely with organizations like the Better Business Bureau, San Diego Chamber of Commerce, Building Owners and Managers Association, Southern California Builders Association, California Mobile Home Park Managers Association and the Association for General Contractors. These organizations partner with leaders in their respective industries and provide a way to express concerns and find innovative solutions for industry issues. These associations help APS to stay connected with the leaders in the industry and to be in the know for new products and innovations as they come to market.

Access Professional Systems Reviews

APS has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1998. They also maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. Customer rave about the service APS provides. The technicians are knowledgeable and able to think outside the box when it comes to providing solutions. This has been true for even older equipment that might otherwise have to be replaced if solutions cannot be found.

In order to be creative and find innovative solutions technicians must have large amounts of experience working with security products. APS has the depth of experience required to provide the types of solutions customers are looking for. This independent company has the ability to respond to customer needs like a small company, yet has the products and innovation of a large company. It provides a good balance between the two.

Access Professional Systems Equipment

Access Professional Systems focuses on four areas of security: Gate Automation, Access Control, Video Surveillance and Parking control. In each area they have specialists who are masters at their craft and can provide the service and installation needed for years of reliable use.

Gate automation is designed to control the access to a property and encourage respect for the owner’s privacy. Both residential and businesses use gate automation to secure their property and ensure they can maintain a higher level of privacy and security.

Access control is mainly used by businesses and commercial or industrial customers. There are several elements to access control that helps to ensure a secure building and the monitoring of who enters and exits the building. Access control systems can either be a standalone panel that uses codes to access gate automation. These are commonly used in gated communities and secured business areas. Systems can also be computer based systems that provide active data and who is coming and going within an organization. This provides a higher level of security and are often used at business locations where secured access is needed. The access control panel monitors who, where and when entry and exit from specific locations occur. These systems provide a company with a way to limit access to more secured areas at the same time providing general access to more common areas. The access systems provide access through telephone entry, wireless entry, keypad entry, or biometrics. This might include finger print readers, retina eye scan readers and so forth.

Video surveillance is becoming more and more common as advances in camera technology is creating clearer images and better streaming services. Clients can access the cameras remotely and also view previous footage remotely from any internet connection. This allows the immediate inspection of any suspicious activity. Video surveillance is being used in both residential and commercial applications.
Product options include closed circuit Televisions (CCTV), analog cameras, IP cameras and mega pixel cameras. There are also cameras that are suitable for indoor use, outdoor use and night vision usage. This technology provides better security for customers and more useful footage for authorities.

Parking controls are used by businesses to provide security for parking areas. This might include barrier gates, PARCS, and parking guidance systems. Businesses utilize this technology to monitor paid parking locations and enable workers and approved guests to access parking without providing parking for everyone in the vicinity.

Access Professional Systems Packages

apsAPS packages are customized for each customer. A technician will visit the property and discuss the needs of the business or individual and then create a solution for the concerns that need to be addressed. The company offers new and retrofit installations as well as servicing existing equipment. Even if the product was not purchased from APS they have experienced technicians that can service existing products.

How to Contact Access Professional Systems


Phone: 858.571.4444

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