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Access Northern Security Overview

ans-logoAccess Northern Security is headquartered in Freehold, NJ and has been in business since 1962. They are ranked as one of the top 37 companies in the nation and provide equipment needed to secure business and industrial applications. This international company has been a pioneer in the security industry for over five decades and are able to remain innovative with their wealth of experience. They adapt to the new technological advances and maintain state of the art manufacturing and distribution facilities.

The company was recognized by the Security and Marketing Distribution magazine as one of the top security companies in the United States. They specialize in access controls and safety systems. This includes control systems, camera and surveillance equipment, entry systems, intrusion protection, parking lot and rooftop security, and energy monitoring systems. The monitoring systems provide detection for gas leaks, water leaks, carbon monoxide detection and other safety controls needed for residential and business applications.

In addition to a complete line of products the company also has a proprietary energy management system that is used throughout the US in high rise buildings and corporate complexes. The company designs the products, manufactures their proprietary designs and offers technical and customer support for the systems they provide for installation.

Access Northern Security Reviews

Customers love the innovative designs that Access Northern Security provides. The company has been around for many years and yet they are on the cutting edge of new technology. They are not resting and enjoying the fruits of their labors but are rather, pushing the envelope to develop and create security systems that will provide the highest level of security possible. This innovative mentality permeates throughout the company and results in leading edge technology that stays ahead of the technology curve. The company partners with distributors to get their products in the hands of business customers along with meeting corporate clients directly.

They maintain high customer satisfaction ratings because of the personal service they offer along with high quality products. Great care and testing are conducted to ensure that all devices leaving the facility will operate correctly and provide the security companies are looking for.

Access Northern Security Equipment

Access Northern Security provides protection in four key areas of business. They secure entrances and exits, the interior of the building, indoor parking garages, and outdoor parking and perimeter access. These cover the four principle areas that businesses are concerned with securing.

For building entry and exit access they offer ADA complaint automatic doors, keyless entry systems, telephone entry systems, video entry and magnetic locks, electric strikes and exit devices. This enables the business to monitor who has access to the building at what times.

Interior building security takes the form of intrusion alarms, and video surveillance. They also offer medical alerts, smoke and fire alarms, carbon monoxide protection and energy management. Through the wireless systems customers can access data remotely through a smartphone or other electronic device that has an internet connection. Enabling customers with wireless access provides an extra level of convenience for customers.

Parking garage controls involve access readers and systems that verify credentials before allowing entry. They also provide overhead security, video security, and automatic closing devices. For outdoor parking and perimeter security gates, barriers, access control readers and other safety devices are offered so the business can secure their property 24 hours a day.

Access Northern Security Packages

ansPackages are custom designed for the specific business’s needs. The company has worked with companies like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Canada Dry, New York City Fire Department, and the New York City Housing to design and provide top of the line security for their facilities. Their experienced team will meet with clients and assess their needs. Then through a personal consulting process will design a system that will address all of the security needs and concerns of the company.

Access Northern Security works closely with developers and construction crews for both new construction and retrofit applications. Products are selected based on the specific needs of the company and the installation is arranged by experienced technicians. After the installation there is ongoing technical support provided to the clients to address any additional needs or system failures.

The company is noted for providing advanced products that maintains the high level of security needed for facilities that have confidential information and devices. Their high level of customer service and affordable packages has created a company that shines in a very competitive industry.

How to Contact Access Northern Security


Phone: (888) 810-6060

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