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Access Hardware Overview

ah-logoHeadquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, Access Hardware specializes in security for the Hawaiian Islands. They have been in business for over 30 years, beginning in 1978, providing the newest and most secure systems available to Hawaiian customers. They specialize in custom designed solutions that will meet the needs of current and future customers with an eye on technological advances so they can bring the most updated systems to their customer base.

Access Hardware works with commercial and business customers and provides security systems that include: card access systems, digital network systems, video surveillance, automatic doors, parking security, and commercial hardware for fire doors and other entry systems.

The company has specific goals around customer service and ensuring that the customer needs are met ahead of profits. They ensure that customer recommendations are appropriate and that the employees and staff are trained and certified with the knowledge they need to help customers solve their security concerns. The company prides itself in being a leading authority in the security field. They partner with manufacturers who are on the cutting edge of technology and then ensure their technicians and service personnel are trained on the latest systems. They work with all the top vendors to offer the security systems customers are looking for. The company provides training so that all employees maintain the certifications, licenses and expertise needed to install and service the equipment recommended.

Access Hardware Reviews

Despite the commitment to service that Access Hardware focuses on, they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. This rating is the result on a single complaint that the company failed to respond to. The BBB has requested a response to the complaint in addition to other information and the company has not provided the BBB with any company information or any attempt to rectify customer’s complaint. This action by Access Hardware calls into question whether customers will receive cooperation and satisfaction to issues and concerns that might arise during the course of doing business.

While during the course of 30 years in business the company has many customers who rave about their product and services. Customer’s like that they can turn to one company and know they have the most up to date products available to secure their company. They also like the professionalism and the evaluation and consultation process. Employees have a good understanding of the products available and do a good job of explaining why certain recommendations are made to protect the clients business.

Access Hardware Equipment

Access Hardware provides a wide range of product selection for businesses to choose from. These include the areas of parking security solutions, self-storage security, card access systems, digital video recordings, security cameras and video surveillance. Automated doors and operations, keyless locks, intercom systems, lodging systems, fire rated doors, commercial hardware and RFID systems. RFID systems provide unique identification for vehicles, computers, medical devices and other assets that need additional security. This wide range of products and services enables the company to provide for all the business security needs, regardless of how complex the security needs are.

For parking security options include barrier gates, and automatic gates that operate with a key swipe. Everything the client needs to operate and provide secure parking is included. Self-storage controls include the software needed along with keypads, card readers, and entry control systems. Card access systems will include software, hardware along with card readers. This controls access to the building or secured areas within the building.

Security cameras and video recording gives clients the ability to receive live feeds from the building or facility at any time. Notifications can be sent to an electronic device when unusual activity occurs. Video recording and CCTV provides 24 hour recording as opposed to short clips triggered by motion. The security cameras are top of the line and provide indoor and outdoor video and can include night time vision that provides clear images even with no light.

The lock systems provide secured entry for businesses and lodging establishments. Intercom systems provides the ability to communicate with certain areas via an intercom system. Each product line offers needed features for securing a business, based on the type of business that is operating and how sensitive the areas are.

Access Hardware Packages

ahGiven the complexity and variety of business needs, professional consultations are needed for pricing. As each business is unique and has different security needs, each package is customized to the specific needs and equipment needs of the business.

Access Hardware provides the consultation at no charge. They also provide professional installation of equipment and ongoing support and monitoring as needed.

How to Contact Access Hardware


Phone: (808)841-4200

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