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Access Control Group Overview

acg-logoAccess Control Group has been in business since 2001 and operates in Mississippi and Louisiana providing security for homes and businesses in their market. Headquartered in Pearl, MS, they focus on providing state of the art systems that allow customers to secure their property and ensure the safety of those who use that property.

In addition to providing home security the company has added to their product line and now offer access control for businesses, video surveillance for both residential and business customers, parking control systems, along with intrusion detection and fire detection equipment.

The company focus is to find cost effective solutions for customers while providing state of the art equipment and top notch customer service. They also have a focus on taking care of employees. This results in employees that are trained to do their job well along with an employee base that has a lot of years of industry experience. The company also empowers employees to make decisions in the field that make sense for the customer and the company. This has resulted in a high level of customer satisfaction and growth through referrals from existing customers.

Access Control Group Reviews

Access Control Group receives good customer reviews. Customers like the professionalism and the prompt response to questions, concerns and service requests. They like that the technicians and sales staff have decision making authority. This is unusual in the security industry.

While they service mostly business customers the company has a growing percentage of personal customers who are using their services. The only challenge for residential customers is if they move out of the service area during the contract period the company only services MS and LA.

Business customers love the technicians’ knowledge and expertise that goes beyond basic intrusion and fire security. The ability to provide top products for parking lots and building access is an important feature to the business customers they serve. With more crime and bolder criminals, having the peace of mind that the business has the best resources available on the market saves companies thousands of dollars in potential costs in the event of a break in or security breach. Increasingly business are looking for access control to secure their data. Data security has become a major concern for many businesses as major retailers experience hacking by criminals.

Access Control Group Equipment

Access Control Group offers a range of services. This includes fire detection services that are used by both businesses and residential customers. Fire protection includes fire and smoke detectors, motion detectors, carbon monoxide detectors. The company partners with United Technologies to provide the most reliable products that will provide the earliest warning.

For intrusion detection Access Control Groupprovides sensors and monitors that secure doors and windows in vulnerable areas. A control panel provides communication with a central monitoring service that will notify the system if there is a breach in security. There are also options for customers to receive notifications remotely by either text or email if an alarm is triggered and they are not home. This provides an additional level of security for homeowners and business owners to secure their property.

In addition to fire and intrusion detection that residential and business customers use, Access Control Group also provides business services that include both parking systems and building access systems. The parking security systems are provided by 3M. The solutions can range from surveillance cameras, software to monitor the property to booths that collect fees or house full time security personnel in a parking garage. This top of the line equipment ensures that the parking area is secure at all times. Footage can be accessed remotely by authorized personnel.

Building access control has equipment provided by Galaxy Control Systems. This can include CCTV monitoring, ID badges, card scanners, locks and other security needed for ensuring the exterior of the building is secured as well as specific access points that contain sensitive information.

Video surveillance can be utilized by both business and residential customers and includes high resolution imaging that will provide the best images for monitoring the property. Access Control Group has created strategic partnerships with top equipment company that allows them to provide exceptional security products that will meet customer needs.

Access Control Group Packages

acgWith Access Control all security packages are custom designed. A specialist will meet with the business or homeowner to discuss their specific needs and then create a system of equipment that will meet the needs of the customer. Then professional installers will install the equipment and provide the proper training so that the equipment can be used in the correct and most effective way.

Technology continues to improve in the security markets allowing customers to have more secure establishments as well as more access to the systems being used.

How to Contact Access Control Group


Phone: (601-939-9295)

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