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Access Control Consultants Overview

access-control-logoHeadquartered in Greensboro, NC, Access Control focuses on access control and video surveillance in its service areas in North Carolina and Virginia. They also include centralized monitoring systems for security, video analysis, network cabling, photo ID badges, video file storage and remote back up services.

Their focus is on business customers and meeting their security needs. In business since 1991 they maintain the most up to date technology for customers to use. Their mission is to keep the security system online at all times. To accomplish this they have technicians available 24 hours a day to answer questions and address problems. Installing the equipment correctly the first time reduces the number of service calls and ensures that the property remains secure at all times. If there is ever a problem with equipment, the company offers loaner replacements to ensure the company has ongoing security, even when repairs or replacements are needed.

They have offices in Greensboro, Raleigh, and Wilmington, NC in addition to Danville, Virginia. This allows them to service customers in both North Carolina and Virginia. The three main avenues of security they specialize in are access control, video security and data and voice cabling. Through the new technology and better applications systems, Access Control Consultants is able to provide the best security technology has to offer for local businesses.

Access Control Consultants Reviews

Access Control has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Businesses love that the company is more than a basic security company. They offer more than just swipe cards that monitor the coming and going of employees. They add the analytics that make this information useful and allows the business to make decisions based on the data gathered. So often companies install security cameras and then never evaluate the data that is collected. Access control provides more than just basic equipment and central monitoring. They go the next step and help companies manage the data that is collected for use in making appropriate business decisions.

Access Control Consultants Equipment

Access control offers equipment in three different areas: Access Control, Video security and Data Voice and Cabling. With the access control aspect of security they offer facility management, video integration, ID badges, biometrics and smart cards.

With video security systems they supply network video solutions which allow users to access video feeds from any remote location. Video storage eliminates the need to constantly monitor the video in the camera and reduces loss in the event of theft. Video monitoring with high quality resolution cameras provides companies with security monitoring 24 hours a day. Video analytics and video mesh networks provides an extra layer of security as companies can analyze the video data and produce a more secure facility.

Data voice and cabling includes cabling on the premises of the business. Networking through voice Over IP, intercom systems and mass notification systems are all available. This high level of security can provide extensive protection over sensitive systems, employees, data and equipment that must remain secure at the highest level.

Access Control Consultants Home Security Packages

access-controlPackages are based on the level of security the company needs. Access Control uses Bosch, Honeywell and other top brands that ensure the quality of the equipment. The technicians are professionally trained and this provides installation that is done right the first time. Customers have the assurance that they will receive the best equipment and best service on the market.

This creates a top of the line service that is customized for each customer. Whether the company wants smart cards with picture ID badges and video surveillance or they want a more complete package, Access Control Consultants will create a package that is specific to the businesses’ needs.

The packages begin at basic monitoring services and move all the way to Biometric monitoring. These services are needed for high security areas. This might include retina scans, fingerprint scans, hand geometry or voice waves before access to secure areas is granted.

Many companies have video surveillance but often the quality of the feeds and the use of the video is spotty at best. With video analytics the software is developed to spot unusual and threatening activity and to notify security personnel when something is caught on video that may pose a threat. This goes beyond video that is activated by motion and records a few seconds of video feed in the hopes of catching an intruder. These video monitoring services take the video feeds to a new level in securing and protecting property.

Cable installations improve internet systems and reduce downtimes for the company. It can also help to secure data that is transmitted across those cable lines. Whatever level of security your business needs, Access Control Consultants has the most up to date technology to get the job done.

How to Contact Access Control Consultants


Phone: (800) 849-2904

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