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Access Alarm Overview

access-florida-logoLocated in South East Florida, Access Alarm serves Palm Beach, Martin, St, Lucie and Broward Counties. They have been in business for over 12 years and the owners have over 35 years of combined industry experience. They offer the most up to date technology and pride themselves in offering top notch customer service.

The company is direct dealers for the security systems they install which include Mircom fire products, Bosch security systems, access control and CCTV, and Honeywell Security Systems. Being direct dealers provides employees with access to training that is continually updated as new technology comes to the market.

Access Alarm serves both business and residential properties. They are able to complete system installations, provide monitoring services as well as service existing systems. Installation can be in existing properties or new construction. The company is licensed in the state of Florida and also carry the UL certification.

Access Alarm Reviews

Access alarm gets high marks for personalization. Customers love that they take the time to discover the customers’ needs and make appropriate recommendations rather than just “selling” the most popular and profitable package. Businesses with unique needs appreciate this high level of personalization and feel they end up with the best security system for their business.

Another area where Access Alarm shines is in their price lock guarantee. When the customer signs a contract it includes a clause that locks in their rate for the duration of the contract. Given that contracts is where most companies receive the majority of complaints, this aspect has kept customers both loyal and happy with the services.

Access Alarm is also known for their training programs. They train homeowners and business employees on proper use of the system. They are willing to come in a train new staff to ensure the alarms are used in the most effective manner. The company is also quick to share tips that will help customers stay protected and save money.

Access Alarm Equipment

Access Alarm has a wide range of systems and equipment that are available to customers. These include fire alarm systems, security systems, access control systems for businesses and video surveillance systems.

The fire systems include evaluation, design and installation services. This addresses fire and smoke alarms in addition to carbon monoxide detectors. Security systems include access to phone line systems, cellular service systems and IP systems. This provides the highest level of security available on the market today. Brands they carry include Honeywell, Bosch and DSC.

Access control is for businesses that need to monitor when employees arrive and depart for the business and other secured areas. The key cards will read the in and out times attached to an employee number so the company knows who is coming and going and at what times.

Video surveillance has had many advancements in the last few years and the streaming capability and technology has produced real time access as well as better quality footage. This enables companies to capture video that the authorities can use to more effectively catch criminals. There are many different options with video surveillance which includes 360 degree cameras triggered by motion and night vision cameras that can capture clear video even in pitch dark circumstances.

Access Alarm Home Security Packages

access-floridaCustomers can choose from three different types of monitoring services. The phone line provides a traditional installation and connection where the monitoring system is notified through a traditional phone line dialing system. These packages are less expensive and provide a reliable connection. The weakness in this system is that intruders can cut the phone line to disable the system.

Customers can also choose cellular systems. The advantage of this monitoring method is that the installation is wireless and the central monitoring station is contacted remotely through cellular connections. The weakness in this system is if the lines are down or the reception is not good, it may take more seconds to reach the monitoring station.

IP communications is the third option for connecting with the central station. This uses local networks to communicate with the station and often eliminates the reception issues that cellular service sometimes experiences.

With the state of the art monitoring service customers can view video through their electronic devices. This enables customers to access any activity in their home day or night. This additional level of security provides a lot of peace of mind to customers.

Monthly monitoring fees are dependent on which services are utilized and what connection method is chosen.

How to Contact Access Alarm


Phone: 561-627-9655

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