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Accent Alarms Overview

accent-logoAccent Alarms is a Colorado small business that provides electronic security solutions for homes and businesses. Their products and services are quite popular in Colorado, and whether new customers are looking to build, maintain, or run a security system that was provided by Accent Alarms or not, they’re able to assist the customer in fulfilling their unique needs. For businesses, they not only provide installation but help businesses to streamline their current system and reduce costs. They work with a number of homes, as well as large industrial and commercial companies, government institutions, maintenance and repair organizations in Colorado. Accent Alarm also provides access control and video surveillance for their residential and commercial customers. Accent provides a very impressive selection of goods for their customers to choose from, and there are a number of different alarms and security systems to suit the customers needs. Having so many options is something that the customers of Colorado truly appreciate.

Accent Alarms Reviews

For the most part, it seems that the reviews of Accent Alarm are quite good. The staff seems very knowledgeable and helpful whenever customers are looking for technical support. The services are said to be prompt and the technical staff are very patient and good-natured. That being said, the biggest complaint about Access is their website. It’s very scant in terms of defining their services, even though the products are well-featured. It seems from the website that Accent only provides products and installation for their customers, but they do not provide monitoring services or other features. Again, there’s no way of knowing from the website. There’s also no mention of certifications or awards that the company has earned, as well as specifically what parts of Colorado that Accent Alarms serves. It’s very challenging for customers when they can’t get this very basic information from a website. Often people like to shop around online to see what company is going to work with their needs, and there’s simply no way of doing this on Accent Alarms’ website.

Accent Alarms Equipment

Accent Alarms works with a number of different security product providers, and all of them are quite respected and trusted. Altronix Corporation provides the low voltage electronic components, and offers a comprehensive line of Fire, Security, CCTV, Access, Automation, and Nurse Call products. Access also uses products from American Dynamic. AD is mostly known for its Tyco International American Dynamics CCTV. They have created some breakthroughs in terms of video technology, and it’s likely that if you’re getting surveillance installed you’re probably getting AD into your home from American Access. Some other very notable brand names that AA uses include Bosch Security Systems, DSC Security, Fluidmesh, HID, Labor Saving Devices, NVT, Open Options, Optex, Pelco, Potter, and Rainbow. Rainbow also provides incredibly high quality CCTV eqiupment for surveillance applications. These products are quite wonderful, and Rainbow is considered a CCTV industry leader. All of this equipment is incredibly high in quality, and these are some of the most trusted names in the industry. It’s good to know that Accent provides such an incredible variety of products for the consumer to choose from. Having these kinds of options in rare in the security industry where most companies only carry a couple of options for home and business owners to choose from.

Accent Alarms Home Security Packages

accentAlthough Accent Alarms provides some wonderful packages, it’s really their products that get the spotlight. They provide over 5,000 electronic security products that the customer can conveniently shop for online. A lot of customers purchase their products online from American Alarms and install themselves, or purchase products to replace older versions. Accent Alarms does provide all the installation and technical support that you may need. That being said, because there’s so little information on Accent Alarms’ website, it’s really hard to tell what kind of packages they do provide. It seems most likely that after a consultation from an AA technician, a custom package will be designed for you and installed. In terms of monitoring that system, it seems from the website that Accent does not provide monitoring to their customers. This is a huge pain, because that means finding a separate company to monitor your system after Accent installs it.

Accent Alarms Details

  • * Provides commercial and residential security products for Colorado
  • * Offers a number of different equipment brands such as DSC, HID, Rainbow, Bosch, and much more
  • * Provides over 5,000 electronic security products
  • * Small, locally owned business
  • * Easy to purchase online

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