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Absolute Security Overview

absolutesecurity-logoAbsolute Security is a BBB accredited business that has a monitoring station that is Five Diamond Certified. Operating out of Charleston, SC, the company provides protection for their residential and commercial customers against theft, burglary, fire, and also medical alert services. They have everything from surveillance cameras to wireless alarm systems, as well as survival kits and voice dialers. The company is incredibly comprehensive, and offers Nitro, WV security services. Other features they provide include electronic security, remote control programming, video surveillance, fire alarm installation, and so much more. Their staff members are highly trained and punctual when it comes to installation and consultation services.

Absolute Security Reviews

There are a lot of very good reviews about Absolute. Customers in Charleston like that the company is locally owned and operated, and that the staff is so knowledgeable and well trained. It seems that it’s easy to talk to a customer representative over the phone, and they’re always able to answer any questions that customers might have. That being said, it seems like there are some questions left in the air about Absolute. For instance, it’s difficult to tell over the company’s website whether or not their control center is in Charleston or if it is out of the area. The reason why this is important is that the closer the control center is the quicker are the response times. Also, it mentions on the website that they use GE Wireless Home security systems, but it does not say what specific products come in this basic package. Customers would prefer if it was easier to understand these details on the website, without having to call into the Absolute office. That being said, customers do really seem pleased with the punctuality and kindness of those who work for Absolute Security. They don’t have a tremendous amount of experience, but it seems as though they’re doing a great job of establishing themselves as a good security provider in Charleston.

Absolute Security Equipment

All that is mentioned on the Absolute website is that they install GE Wireless Home security products. This is good news, because GE does produce some of the best home security products in the market. GE is the leader in a number of electronic products, but their home security products really do stand out from the rest for their accuracy and durability. All these GE products are installed for free by an Absolute technician, and once installed, you’ll be given manuals and videos that help you to fully understand how to operate your system with precision and ease. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t more information about what is included in this system, but for the most part the GE system is comprehensive and suitable for the needs of most homeowners. Absolute seems to be quite good at helping their customers to understand all the parts after installation. Technicians will not leave your home until you feel as though you’re comfortable operating your system on your own and with ease. Also, technicians are fully trained and specialize in the systems that they install. The wireless system is incredibly easy and fast to install and requires less holes to be drilled into your home when setting it up.

Absolute Security Home Security Packages

absolutesecurityThe Absolute home security package is a Nitro, WV system or GE Wireless system. It’s difficult to understand from the website what the specific basic home package is, but it seems as though installation is fully included, and Absolute can monitor this system after installation. There’s no mention of price, but the company does boast of competitive pricing and convenient appointment scheduling. It is necessary to contact the company over the phone to understand the specifics of this basic package, but Absolute can not be reached 24/7. When calling-in, be sure to make it between the hours of 10am to 8pm Monday through Saturday. Over the phone you should get a better understanding about what the basic package is going to cost you. Usually the reason for having this lack of information online is to get customers to call and receive a consultation. This is inconvenient, but it is clear that the home package is comprehensive and the equipment is top notch. It seems like Absolute is willing to customize what comes in their security packages to suit the individual needs of their customers.

Absolute Security Details

  • * 6 years of experience
  • * Owner is also onsite
  • * Fully licensed and insured
  • * Accredited by BBB
  • * Monitronics dealer
  • * Five Diamond control center

How to Contact Absolute Security

Website: http://www.absolutesecuritynow.com/

Phone: 844-463-8637

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