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Absolute Security Alarms Overview

asa-logoAbsolute Security Alarms operates out of Western Washington, and prides itself on offering cutting edge technologies to help protect homes and businesses in the area. They offer high-quality security systems, home automation, remote surveillance and energy conservation systems for their customers. All of these systems can also be incorporated together for the most comprehensive home control and safety. Consultants are trained to be able to educate their customers about the ideal way to operate whatever system is installed. Absolute also provides consultations and full installation for their customers in a professional and comprehensive manner. The company has authored a manual named “How to Buy an Alarm System”, which is a bestseller that helps customers to choose the perfect system to suit their individual needs.

Absolute Security Alarms Reviews

Customers note that the employees at Absolute are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to choosing the right security system. They can also give you a quote over the phone which is tremendously convenient when shopping around for the right system provider. It is also noted that Absolute does not purchase their customers to purchase products, and really gives them space to choose whether or not the equipment and services that Absolute provides are right for them. That being said, there is customer complaint that Absolute perhaps does not provide monitoring services for their customers. It’s incredibly inconvenient to have to find a separate company to monitor your system once it’s installed. This is the biggest complaint about Absolute. It is quite simply difficult to understand from their website whether or not the company provides monitoring, and if they do, whether the control center is local or outsourced. In general, customers feel that Absolute’s website could be more helpful in terms of explaining the specifics of the company’s services. That being said, the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and the manual that Absolute has written really is very helpful when looking for tips on purchasing the perfect security system for your home. There’s also very little mention on the website about warranty for the wide array of products that Absolute provides. It seems that this lack of information on the website is geared towards getting customers to call a sales representative and getting a consultant to come to your home. This of course is a great way to boost sales, but it is very inconvenient for customers who are looking to understand the specifics conveniently and quickly.

Absolute Security Alarms Equipment

Absolute provides an incredibly comprehensive selection of equipment for their customers. It’s possible to purchase products for full voice response security, such as a panel that gives clear notifications of system status, zone descriptions, alarms, and emergencies. They also provide date, time and weather displays, one touch access systems, LCD touch screens, and many other 3G and 4G compliant products. The 2GIG wireless system that is the most popular for home security includes touch screen, keypads, wireless secondary keypads, keyfobs, panic pendants, door and window sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, and devices to control the home temperature. In fact, Absolute really has every kind of product imagineable to control your home with ease. All these products are designed to be incredibly user-friendly.

Absolute Security Alarms Home Security Packages

asaAbsolute does have a wonderful Core Package that they provide when you’re looking to employ all the most popular items to secure your home. Their 2GIG package includes everything you need to protect your home, and after installation the technician from Absolute will make sure that you completely understand how to operate your system and keep it up to speed. This package is incredibly comprehensive, and it’s possible to customize it to add or subtract any features that you may or may not need. The consultation is the time to determine whether or not the package is big enough for your home, but it seems like the Core package works for even very large homes. Video surveillance can be added to this, and home automation is a fantastic feature that most new customers like to take advantage of. 2GIG wireless is one of the best systems that you can install in your home today, so it’s good to know that the basic package really does provide some of the best products in the industry.

Absolute Security Alarms Details

  • * Operates in Western Washington
  • * Authored “How to Buy a Security System”
  • * Knowledgeable staff and technicians
  • * Core Package comes with installation
  • * Uses 2GIG wireless products
  • * 3G/4G compliant products

How to Contact Absolute Security Alarms

Website: http://absolutesecurityalarms.com/

Phone: (206) 257-1951

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