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AB-Fortress Review Overview

AB-Fortress is a locally owned and operated company based in Chico, CA, and they serve Butte, Tehama, and Glenn, as well as surrounding counties. The company has been in business for over 30 years now, and pride themselves on always fulfilling their customers needs and supplying them with high quality products and services. They specialize in commercial and residential security systems on new or existing construction. The employees are all well trained and knowledgeable, and technicians provide speedy support when there’s any issue with your security system. Almost half of Fortress’ business is in the home, and that makes them adept at assessing the individual needs of homeowners, and meeting their security goals every time. They boast of being able to custom make security systems to suit various individual needs, and retrofitting a system is absolutely no problem. AB even provides services to upgrade or fix the system that you currently have.

AB-Fortress Review Reviews

It’s hard to find reviews about AB-Fortress, because there’s very little information about this company over the internet. In fact, it seems as if their website is completely non-functioning. This is a really bad sign, and it’s unclear as to whether the company has simply gone out of business or has decided to not have a website. Whatever the case may be, there’s little to no information about this company, any awards or affiliations it may have, and what kind of equipment they install. Because they have been in business for over 30 years now, we can guess that they provide good services and have been able to stay in business all this time. What we can glean from information that is available is that the company serves a pretty good sized region in California, and it seems as though they provide all the products, installation, and monitoring in one clean package. There are a few mentions online about how the staff at Fortress is very helpful, and their security systems really do seem to last a long time. Installation is fast, and getting in touch with a live operator over the phone is not too difficult. It should be noted that with a lot of these locally owned and operated companies they simply don’t feel the need to have a website, because a lot of the work comes from word of mouth and past history. Should you live in any of these counties in California, it’s worth a shot to give them a call.

AB-Fortress Review Equipment

As mentioned above, there is no mention of AB-Fortress security equipment on the internet, but one could guess that because they’re such a small company that they probably provide brand name equipment in the traditional landline style. There’s also a chance that they provide wireless equipment, but you’d have to call to be sure. It is hinted at online that they have pet-friendly motion detectors, as well as home automation systems that allow you to arm and disarm your system when you’re not at home. This is the latest and greatest innovation in home security, and should AB actually have this monitoring it is definitely recommended that you take advantage of it. There’s no mention of warranty on any of this equipment.

AB-Fortress Review Home Security Packages

There is no mention of a basic package, contract length, or any kind of price online regarding this company, however they do provide monitoring services to back-up their home security systems. This is a great sign when a small company like this has its own monitoring center as you can experience faster response times than you would from a national monitoring center that has been outsourced. AB Fortress seems to be able to manage your individual access codes for you, which is a nice feature. This is great when you have a system installed in your business and you want your staff to have individual access codes. Fortress claims that they can custom-make a package that is tailored to the individual needs of your home. That means that after a consultation, the technician from AB will be able to devise a plan for what kind of system to install, and whether or not there need to be any add-ons to it.

AB-Fortress Review Details

  • * In business for over 30 years
  • * Able to install and monitor all equipment
  • * Stationed in Chico, CA
  • * Serves Butte, Tehama, Glenn, and surrounding counties
  • * Adept at retrofitting systems
  • * Security for both residential and commercial buildings

How to Contact AB-Fortress Review

Website: http://www.abfortress.com/


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