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AAA Satellite and Security Overview

aaas-logoAAA Satellite and Security has been providing services for Satellite TV and Telecommunication for over three decades. They develop long term relationships with their customers, and their services and products are available in the Kansas City, MO area, and is even affordable for those on a budget. AAA Satellite and Security is completely locally owned and operated, and they work both commercially and residentially. They take care of all the installation and set-up of your system, and technical services are always pleasant and punctual. They are considered to be the surveillance camera specialists of Kansas City, and free home estimates can always be scheduled when calling AAA over the phone. AAA not only specializes in installation of these products, but they consider themselves masters at determining the needs of their customers, and then fulfilling them. A special evaluation by a AAA specialist will allow the company to determine what products and services are best geared towards your home or business.

AAA Satellite and Security Reviews

Customers seem to find AAA Satellite and Security a reliable option in and around Kansas City. However, it should be noted that it seems like the majority of the work the company has is with commercial properties. They seem to be very skilled at setting up satellite and surveillance cameras for retail shops, hotels, banks, casinos, and much more. They do provide residential security services, but it seems from the website that this is limited to only surveillance cameras. There is a chance that AAA provides traditional home security systems, but there is no mention of it on the website. If you’d like a TV satellite installed, then this company will definitely be able to accomplish that for you. That said, it does seem like the services that AAA provides are valued by their customers. The equipment seems to be good quality, and the staff is highly trained and knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a traditional security system for your home, then perhaps AAA is not the right choice, as it doesn’t appear to be their area of expertise. There is a lot of information about installation on their website, but nothing is said about who monitors this equipment after installation.

AAA Satellite and Security Equipment

AAA Satellite and Security seems to offer a vast array of different kinds of equipment. For instance, they have surveillance cameras, satellites, hospitality cameras, TV installation, intercoms, wireless internet systems, voice and cabling systems, and much more. Really, any sort of electronic gadget that you may need to enhance your home will probably be sold by AAA. It should be noted that there is no mention of wireless security systems sold or installed by this company. There’s also no indication of fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and the like. Also, there’s no talk of what brand AAA uses. It seems from reviews that their equipment is quite sound, but it would be nice to know just what kind of eqiupment it is, and whether or not it is backed by a warranty of any kind.

AAA Satellite and Security Home Security Packages

aaasThere seems to be no basic home security package that AAA Satellite and Security provides. They do offer a lot of other packages that may be useful in your home or business, such as satellite systems and equipment for commercial or residential use. They also provide TV installation for their hospitality, commercial, or residential customers. Aside from these popular systems, there are also VSAT and High speed Broadband systems, IPTV integrating and installation, hospitality PPV/VOD systems, voice and cabling data distribution, wireless internet systems and equipment, surveillance systems and equipment, intercom and business sound systems, as well as project manage corporate rollouts. There is no indication of price on any of these systems, and it will be necessary to call in to AAA to see what each of these packages might cost you. It is clear though that you’re basically buying the equipment, and AAA technicians install everything. It’s unclear as to what it costs to monitor this equipment, and whether or not AAA is in charge of monitoring themselves. Because monitoring is not discussed on the website, it seems that this task might have to be outsourced to a different company. This can be quite an inconvenience, but it really is not AAA’s area of expertise.

AAA Satellite and Security Details

  • * Offers comprehensive Satellite and Surveillance equipment
  • * Full installation
  • * Serves the people of Kansas City, MO
  • * Operating for over three decades
  • * Strong base of commercial customers

 How to Contact AAA Satellite and Security


Phone: 877-285-3733

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