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AAA Miami Locksmith Overview

aaamiami-logoAAA Miami Locksmith has been serving the people of the Miami area for over 6 years now as one of the most valued locksmiths. Their business is conveniently located in Midtown Miami. Their technicians are incredibly skilled, and they pride themselves on being able to serve their residential and commercial customers around the clock. All their technicians are fully licensed and experienced, and pride themselves on being available 365 days a year. The business has successfully been on Angie’s list since 2010, and offers warranties and free estimates. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, but they also provide emergency services. The company has an interesting history, and began nine years ago. Diego is the founder and owner of the company, and his wife Mary works the phones and handles all marketing and customer service. AAA specializes in hotels and condominiums, but they’re available to help anyone with their locksmith needs. They boast of competitive prices for their equipment and products, and they offer estimates at no charge to the customer.

AAA Miami Locksmith Reviews

Customers really seem to like AAA Miami Locksmith, but it’s a little difficult to find a lot of reviews online. Granted, this is a pretty new business, but there are also very few complaints to be found. Customers do note that it’s incredibly convenient to be able to call on AAA for emergency locksmith services. Everyone knows how terrible it can be when you get locked out of your home, business, or car at an inconvenient hour, and AAA really does respond to these emergencies quickly and solves the problem. Customers also note that AAA drives a very efficient, eco-friendly vehicle, which proves their interest and commitment to the environment. There are very nice things said about Diego Castro, who is the owner of the company, and also his wife Maria. Together, they built the company from scratch and seem to truly value their customers and what it is they provide in terms of services. It would be nice if the company actually had real customer reviews on their website, instead of just statements by the owners themselves. However, it seems like they’re still building the company and there just isn’t a lot to be said as of yet.

AAA Miami Locksmith Equipment

Don’t let the word Locksmith fool you. AAA Miami provides all kinds of equipment, including home security parts. It seems as though in the future they look to expand their business to more home security services, but for now it’s still modest. Today they provide design locks, re-key, high security locks, intercoms, safes, sliding door locks, indoor and outdoor cameras, wireless alarm systems, and lock out services. There’s very little mention on the site as to what installation or monitoring of these systems costs. It does not seem as though AAA Miami does their own monitoring, so you’ll most likely need to find a different company to do it. It would be convenient if there was more mention of brand names on AAA’s website, as this would help the customer to understand the quality of their equipment.

AAA Miami Locksmith Home Security Packages

aaamiamiAAA Miami Locksmith provides their customers with wireless alarm systems, which are incredibly easy to install and maintain. However, as mentioned above, there’s no talk as to whether or not they install the equipment. It would seem likely that they could provide this service, but you simply have to give them a call over the phone to find out for sure. Monitoring of the system will most likely have to be outsourced to a monitoring center in your area, and prices will vary. For the most part, it appears as though the package that AAA provides is quite comprehensive, and seems to serve the basic needs of those who live in the Miami area. Installation is quite fast, and the service technician who installs the wireless system is incredibly knowledgeable, and helps the customer to fully understand the equipment and how to operate and maintain it. There’s no mention of package pricing on the website, so it’s necessary to have a consultation to get the details about what all of this is going to cost, and whether or not you’re leasing or purchasing the equipment.

AAA Miami Locksmith Details

  • *Family owned and operated
  • * Located in Midtown Miami
  • * Provides 24 hour emergency services
  • * In business for over 6 years
  • * Provides a wide array of equipment
  • * Works with residential and commercial customers

 How to Contact AAA Miami Locksmith


Phone: 305.576.9320

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