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AAA Burglar Alarm Overview

aaaburglaralarm-logoAAA Burglar Alarm has been serving its residential and commercial customers since 1963.  They specialize in the sale and installation of business and home security, while also providing perimeter security and closed circuit television.  Other services and equipment include home theater, intercoms, and home automation systems.  Not only does AAA Burglar Alarm provide all the equipment and installation that their customers need, but they also provide monitoring services from their award winning Monitoring Center which is located in California.  It’s a 24 hour, UL listed facility, and FM approved.  They also have a backup station out of state in case there is any natural disaster in California.  Their highly trained operators ensure that your home or business is always covered, no matter what happens.  Their CCTV viewing for alarm verification puts an end to false alarm dispatches.

AAA Burglar Alarm Reviews

The customer reviews for AAA Burglar Alarm are quite good.  Customers note that the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and it’s easy to get live support over the phone when you need it.  The equipment seems to be quite reliable and durable, and customers note that installation is fast and efficient, with very few technical snafus down the line.  That being said, there are a few complaints that customers have noted.  For one thing, it doesn’t appear that AAA is cited by the Better Business Bureau, which is a shame.  Also, like most other security companies, the website is quite vague and generic.  If you’re looking to get a clear idea of what it’s going to cost to purchase a basic home security package, you’re going to need to call the company over the phone to get more details.  And you still will probably not know the truth until you have someone come to your home for a consultation.  This is, of course, inconvenient for customers, but it’s a good way for AAA to get a specialist into your home to make the sale.  That being said, there’s a lot of great info on the site about the kind of equipment that AAA Burglar uses, and most of this equipment looks to be state of the art and innovative.  They offer wireless Alexor systems that are quite good, and very easy to install.  There’s no mention of what kind of warranty comes with this equipment, however.

AAA Burglar Alarm Equipment

AAA Burglar Alarm is using the new all wireless Alexor system, which is quite good.  There’s a basic Alexor package, but this can be customized for whatever your unique needs might be.  All in all, the Alexor system is comprehensive and works great for almost any home, and also requires less holes drilled into your walls to install.  There’s no mention on the site whether or not you own this system after installation, or if you’re just leasing it from AAA, so this is certainly something that you’re going to have to ask over the phone.  Not only does the company provide this technologically advanced system, but they also have a number of other features that can be added to your package, such as surveillance cameras, fire detectors, home automation equipment, and so much more.  It seems that the company is getting their equipment from the leading manufacturers, so this is something that is a good sign for customers.

AAA Burglar Alarm Home Security Packages

aaaburglaralarmAs mentioned above, the basic burglar alarm package that AAA Burglar Alarm has going now is the totally wireless Alexor system.  This can be customized with some of the other great features that the company provides.  For instance, you can add to this the Pool Safety Alarm system, which is ideal for those who have children, and water detection systems, which are required by federal law.  They also have video/audio intercom and entry systems which allow you to view or speak to anyone who is at the entrance of your home.  This is ideal for those who have security entrance gates.  AAA also has cellular back-up systems which are ideal for when your phone line is cut or damaged during a break-in.  This means that the wireless unit can create an alarm signal even when the main system has been destroyed.  This system is also ideal for those who simply don’t have a landline but would like all the benefits of a home security system.

AAA Burglar Alarm Details

  • *  Offers same day service with highly trained technicians
  • *  Fixed-term contracts
  • *  In business since 1963
  • *  Serves the state of California
  • *  UL listed monitoring center
  • *  Free maintenance and replacement on leased alarm systems
  • *  Free security consultations

 How to Contact AAA Burglar Alarm


Phone: (562) 862-7316

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