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4 Security & Sound, Inc. Overview

4th-logo4 Security & Sound, Inc. is a Texas based security provider for homes and commercial properties. They have been offering home security systems and home automation since 2005. 4 Security & Sound, Inc. believes that it is best to have a secure home so one can feel safe and have peace of mind. With the emerging technologies, 4 Security & Sound, Inc. can help in installing high tech security equipment in the home or in the office for the protection of valuables and of course, loved ones. Although it is not accredited with Better Business Bureau, 4 Security & Sound, Inc. was rated A+ by BBB.

4 Security & Sound, Inc. Reviews

Having no complaints received from anyone, it may be safe to say that 4 Security & Sound, Inc. only delivers what it promises to offer – protecting Texas one home at a time.

4 Security & Sound, Inc. Equipment

4 Security & Sound, Inc. incorporates high-tech equipment with the security system they are offering. They have equipment for protecting interest, 24 hour video monitoring, motion detectors, online access, integrated safety alarms and intercoms.

4 Security & Sound, Inc. also offers home automation wherein users will have control over the lights, audio or home entertainment, house monitoring from a kitchen TV or the Internet and even improved efficiency for home networking or Internet sharing. With incorporating a cutting edge technology with affordable price, 4 Security & Sound, Inc. can transform an ordinary home into a “smart home”.

They have competent staff who can install organized wiring for the entire home. The home automation system can then be controlled easily with the use of touch screen panels that are very user-friendly. In addition, 4 Security & Sound, Inc. can also install a lighting control system that can easily turn the lights on or off from a car or from anywhere.

Aside from security systems, 4 Security & Sound, Inc. can also install, setup and customize multimedia system that are suited for the potential client’s present needs or in the future. They have state of the line projectors, home theater packages, digital media manager, multimedia systems and satellite installations.

Another amazing system that 4 Security & Sound, Inc. provides is the central vacuum system. The system is very efficient that it has received a remarkable praise across Europe and North America, which explains the rapidly increasing demand. This system can carry dust, pet dander, dust mites, dirt and other pollutants away from the living room area. The central vacuum system uses hoses and other attachments that are easy to carry around and very easy to use. It is best for cleaning floors, computers, cars, stairs and many more.

The central vacuum system is believed to be an expensive item and is considered a luxury. 4 Security & Sound, Inc. however, offers it at a more affordable cost. With its very durable construction and motors that are powerful, the central system of 4 Security & Sound, Inc. will be one of the best house cleaning solutions one can invest.

Providing only the appropriate products for any particular need, 4 Security & Sound, Inc. uses brands that are popular and that the majority of the community trusts namely: Ademco International, DSC, Bose, Polk Audio, JVC, Toshiba, Honeywell, Draper among others.

4 Security & Sound, Inc. Packages

4thMay it be at home or in the office, 4 Security & Sound, Inc. will be with the client every step of the way from planning, installation and monitoring. The home security that 4 Security & Sound, Inc. is offering enables the customer or the user to manage home life even when physically away from home just by using a mobile device or the Internet.

It includes arming and disarming the system, controlling and monitoring video cameras, scheduling of temperature adjustments. It also has a feature that can turn lights on and off on a schedule which is very beneficial especially when everybody is away for let’s say a vacation, because it will make the house look as if someone is inside – therefore, preventing intrusions and such. Also available is a feature to detect carbon monoxide poisoning, motion detection, fire alarms and plenty more.

One of the advantages of installing a home security system is that it makes the user eligible for getting homeowner’s insurance at a lower rate and probably can save on premiums by as much as 20 percent. These savings, when added up overtime will yield a great deal.

4 Security & Sound, Inc. Details

  • In business since 2005
  • Services Dallas/ Fort Worth and surrounding areas
  • Gives free consultation/estimates
  • Rated A+ by BBB
  • Office hours: Monday-Friday (8:00am -5:00pm)
  • 24/7 monitoring

How to Contact 4 Security & Sound, Inc.

Website: http://www.4securityandsound.com/

Phone: (817) 457-0709

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