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1st ALARM Overview

1st-logo1st Alarm is a large regional security company and was established in 1998. It has six offices in West Texas which are located in Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland-Dessa, Abilene, El Paso and San Angelo. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) based on their length of time in business and having no complaints from clients.

1st Alarm provides top of the line alarm systems to its customers for both commercial or residential property, with high quality products, professionalism and integrity. This locally owned and operated company has factory trained technical staff that are CSAA Certified and a 5 Diamond Monitoring Station. They use Honeywell and 2 GIG Security Systems, plus the company provides ongoing service after the sale.

1st ALARM Reviews

Customer reviews for 1st Alarm are nothing but positive with the company highly recommended to friends and relatives. It was noted that the company has impressive customer service, in both sales and the installation process. Employees were observed to be courteous and helpful.

One of the reviewers expressed her satisfaction of how professional the company is. She had a security system installed recently and noted how the installer patiently explained how the system worked and he cleaned up after the work was done. Another happy client raved about how easy it has become for her to control her room’s thermostat and lights using her mobile phone.

1st ALARM Equipment

1st Alarm offers an interactive system that can help keep your family safe or even monitor your home or office activitywhile away. They install a master control with a full color touch-screen interface keypad that is very easy to operate.

In addition to the master control keypad, 1st Alarm will install the other equipment the client has chosen such as motion detectors, pet-sensitive image motion sensors, smoke/fire protection and water/flood sensors. All of which are very important for avoiding dangerous situations or being alerted when there is unusual activity happening in your house or office.

They also offer remote activated door locks, glass break sensors, lighting controls, thermostat sensors and remote video that can be controlled using a Blackberry, iPhone or any other smart phone, all without the need of a landline. Other equipment 1st Alarm offers includes alarm cameras, GSM cellular radio connection, interior siren, transformers, Rj Jack and Cord, Back up battery, Police, Fire and Medical Panic Buttons. Even with the advanced technology offered, the 1st Alarm interactive system is still very easy to use.

1st ALARM Service Packages

1st1st Alarm supplies security systems to almost any type of corporate or residential property that is easy to use and that the customer can easily understand and operate. They recognize the fact that each person has a different level of security needs and requirements. With that in mind, 1st Alarm offers a no-obligation In Home Security Evaluation to all of its potential customers. The company assigns a staff member to discuss with the customer the different services available and the pricing options. The staff member surveys the property and makes a recommendation of what type of security system the customer needs.

1st Alarm has 4 different packages you can choose from. There’s the Standard package that includes a master control full color touch-screen interface keypad, four door sensors, pet-sensitive motion detector, keychain remote, interior siren, transformer, Rj jack and cord, back up battery, police, fire and medical panic buttons, window decals and yard signs. The standard package comes with a monthly fee of $34.99/month with a $69 activation fee.

The second package is called the Cell Primary Package. For $44.99/month and a $99 Activation Fee, it includes all the items mentioned in the standard package plus a GSM Cellular Radio.

The Go Control Package is 1st Alarm’s third available package. In addition to what is offered in the Cell Primary Package, it has a home automation & thermostat control feature and all the system components installed on the property can be controlled with a smart phone. The remote keychain is not included in this package. For the Go Control Package, there is a $99 activation fee and the monthly fee is $49.99.

The fourth package is the Go Control with Video Package. Just like the Go Control, this package has all the sensors/detectors with the addition of a 1st Alarm camera. The customer can either choose to have two indoor wireless 1st Alarm cameras or 1 outdoor 1st Alarm camera to better monitor the activities at home or in the office. All of these features are $67.99 a month with an activation fee of $99.

1st ALARM Details

  • 16 Years in operation
  • A+ Rating from BBB
  • BBB Accredited
  • CSSA Five Diamond Certified

How to Contact 1st ALARM

Website: http://1stalarm.com/

Phone: 800.276.5559

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